What's the Word with Your Teachers?

“We miss our students!” teachers lament. So, every-once-in-awhile, The Trojan Times will bring you news about your teachers.

Mr. Bludworth, Art Teacher, working on what he loves to do - draw and teach. So, Mr. Bludworth, what are you doing on your birthday?

“Doing what I love to do best - teaching and drawing!”

Mr. Bludworth has been teaching at Lake Worth for sixteen years. Before coming to Lake Worth he taught at Bear Lakes Middle School for ten years and one year at Port Salerno Elementary. A Lake Worth Beach native, Mr. Bludworth loves to surf, fish and enjoys sports.

The Gator alum adds, “And, I love to make Art every day.”

October has become “InkTober 2020” for Mr. Bludworth.

“Inktober is a drawing-fest created to challenge artists to do one pen or ink drawing for the month of October. Mr. Bludworth explains, “Created by artist Jake Parker, the purpose of InkTober 2020 is to improve drawing skills as well as creative thinking and problem solving. I am doing this withAn Inktober drawing that Mr. Bludworth, LWHS Art Teacher, shared with his class. my students to teach them a variety of techniques like how to brainstorm creative concepts and improve drawing skills.”

Water Colors

Surfing and fishing are two other great hobbies for Mr. Bludworth. However, being with family brings Mr. Bludworth his ultimate joy. His son, Eli, (far right in the water color drawings) brings in quite the catch.

"I really like Mister Bludworth,” says Jeff A, Class of  2021
. “He inspires his students to be creative. He really has an interest in the success of his students.”
Drawings of Halloween themes by Mr. Bludworth, LWHS Art Teacher

Drawings of Mr. Bludworth, LWHS Art Teacher.

Originally published on October 29, 2020 in the print version of the Trojan Times Online.