Triathlon a Huge Success

AFJROTC Volunteers Make Local Triathlon a Huge Success

Lake Worth Community High School’s clubs, activities, sports and CHOICE programs are alive and well despite the ongoing pandemic.

On Sunday, October 25, more than 100 Cadets turned out in force for the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon. The Cadets made sure that cars and pedestrians did not interfere with the participants in the triathlon. A

triathlon is an event made up of three (prefix “tri” means three) separate events – swimming, bicycling and a race.

Attorney Bill Bone, sponsor of the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon held in Lake WorthAttorney Bill Bone is a lifelong resident and a pillar in the community of Palm Beach County who has devoted his time, energy and money to local causes and charities like the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon. The event has generously supported the Lake Worth Community High School’s Junior Air Force ROTC Program over the last sever al year s.

“I went to Atlantic High School and was in their AFJROTC program. We were truly envious of Lake Worth’s AFJROTC program,” Mr. Bone tells The Trojan Times. “I never realized that we would depend so much on the students of Lake Worth keeping us safe on the streets. Another great thing that the Cadets do is cheer-us-on to lift our spirits. I love the Lake Worth High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC!”

Adds Lt. Col. Hughes from the Lake Worth AFJROTC, “Mr. Bone is a champion in his generous support to the community and to our Cadets. Our Cadets were proud to provide security for the cycling and running events and again demonstrated their commitment to the community. Commuters

transiting the area tend to be upset by the road closures so the cadets spend the morning explaining what is occurring and providing alternative routes.

Communication like this provided for a smooth and organized Triathlon. All COVID-19 safety measures were followed to protect the Cadets and public.”

“Supervising the triathlon was a very successful event,” said FL-824 AFJROTC Wing Commander Joanna St. Pr. “Our cadets not only helped protect competitors but also they also helped civilians navigate the blocked areas in order to make it safely to their destination. The cadets of

FL-824 responsibly and effectively maneuvered their street corners and intersections. Overall, the triathlon was a major success for the Wing.”

"Being a part of the triathlon is always a pleasure. As a senior, I held a supervisory position monitoring a general area of the course. Seeing all of my fellow cadets doing their jobs and doing them exceptionally well made me proud to be a part of this unit leading such an amazing representation of our school in the community.” – Devin Y., Vice Wing Commander for the AFJROTC

“I was helping cadets check-in and figure out where their post was. It was a good way for the wing to help the community. It was especially beneficial to the freshman who were able to participate in an event

“It felt good to help the athletes that worked hard and trained hard to be safe while competing.”

- Ashton H., Inspector General and Member of the Wing Staff

"As the year progresses, we adapt to the new circumstances and still manage to make progress and give back to our community." – Cadet Major Antonia R.

Congratulations to Lake Worth’s AFJROTC Choice Program and the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon!

AFJROTC cadets monitoring the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon

Originally published on November 5, 2020, in the print version of the Trojan Times Online.