Culinary Cooks Up Seasonal Memories

by The Trojan Times Staff

Chefs Suarez and Sanchez kept up the seasonal traditions in Trojanland with holiday treats.

Chef Suarez led her class in the construction of their gingerbread houses.

“We’ve been building our gingerbread houses for so many years and it’s something that our students always look forward to,” said Chef Suarez.

Chef Sanchez and his class created gingerbread men.

“So nice to be part of the Culinary community here at Lake Worth during this special time of year,” Chef Sanchez smiled.

Another very special dessert at this time of the year is the croaquembouche.

“It is a cream puff pastry and crystallized fruit or other confectionery items arranged in a cone and held together by a caramel sauce that is popular in France and Italy,” Chef Suarez told us.