Title I Parent - Student Compact

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Dr. Elvis Epps 

1701 Lake Worth Road
 Lake Worth, FL 33460



2020-2021 School-Parent Compact

September, 10, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

We at Lake Worth Community High School share the responsibility to ensure that all students are provided with high-quality school choices, and diverse learning opportunities regardless of race, income, language or special needs. With that said, the compact describes how Lake Worth Community High School and parents will work to develop a partnership to help students meet state achievement standards. Please review the School-Parent Compact.

Lake Worth Community High School Academic Goal:

Lake Worth Community High School will maintain its graduation rate of 92% in efforts to meet Palm Beach County School District’s five-year goal of 90%.

Lake Worth Community High School will have an increase in literacy and content area assessment scores.

FSA- Mathematics Proficiency Rate/ Annual Target 39 %

FSA-English Language Arts-Proficiency /Annual Target 39%

Bio I EOC Pass/ Annual Target 57%

U.S. History Pass/Annual Target 51%

Teachers agree and will work with students (virtual and/or face-to-face) and their families to support student’s success in reading, math, science, accelerated, and industry certification courses. We will connect learning between school and families by:

  • Immersing students in rigorous task encompassing the full intent of the standards.
  • Empowering, equipping, and supporting students via exposure and by providing access to helpful resources regarding post-secondary educational learning options.
  • Providing parents with mathematical and literary resources such as Algebra Nation, Reading Plus, Achieve 3000, Khan Academy, ACT Academy, Algebra Nation and Collegeboard for at home learning for additional content support.
  • Offer interactive informational and assistance parents and student trainings in both content area, assessments, and post-secondary readiness learning opportunities at Parent Night events.
  • Provide an overview of curriculum and assessments, and sharing and interpreting current and past performance data.
  • Engage in and promote the school wide reading initiative.
  • Providing parents with an open line of communication with teachers and staff to discuss academic concerns and goal planning opportunities via parent conference or SIS Gateway Portal.

The Family/Guardian agrees:

Parents agree to be the link between teachers and students to meet the academic goals that are set in place. Parents will connect learning between school and home by:

  • Stressing the importance of attending school (virtual and/or face-to-face) every day to their child.
  • Working with students on online academic resources to insure that students are actively engaging in the assignments at hand.
  • Attending Parents Nights trainings to familiarize themselves with different strategies that can be applied at home when working with their children on content area and post-secondary learning readiness tasks.
  • Monitoring and reviewing homework assignments using SIS Gateway and productivity regarding meeting graduation requirements and post-secondary learning preparedness.
  •  Assist to eliminate barriers that limits student attendance on a daily basis.
  • Utilize all resources (SIS Gateway, email and telephone) to communicate with teachers, counselors and school administrators regarding your child’s academic progress and post- secondary learning options.
  •  Designate specific times in the afternoon for your child to drop everything and read for at least 30 minutes, then check for comprehension.
  • Attending College and Career Parent Nights, fairs and tours to obtain information that will assist with the planning of post-graduation educational and career planning.
  • Seek assistance for oneself, when barriers present a hardship in addressing the total need of your child (academic, social emotional and physical needs).

The Student agrees:

Students agree to be active participants in their own education. This will be done by working with both parents and teachers to ensure their maximum academic potential. Students will connect learning between home and school by:

  • Bringing home notices of Parent Nights and other important parent notifications.
  • Arriving to school (virtual and/or face-to-face) on time daily, ready to learn, and adhere to all school rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Seek the opportunity to take accelerated learning options: Cambridge AICE, Advance Placement, Industry Certification Educational, and Dual Enrollment courses.
  • Completing all assigned school and home tasks with excellence.
  •  Setting time aside to read and discuss reading material with parents.
  • Utilize academic resources and tools, such as: Reading Plus, Achieve 3000, Khan Academy, ACT Academy, and College Board to reinforce strategies learned during the school day.
  • Attending tutoring sessions for all academic courses, ACT, SAT, and PERT.
  • Visit the College and Career Center, as well as attend off campus tours and events that expose and prepare you for post-secondary learning options.

By signing below, you are acknowledging that you have received, read, and agree with items proposed in this school-parent compact. The school-parent compact will be discussed with all parties throughout the school year at numerous family events as we work to help your child succeed in school.

We look forward to our school-parent partnership!


This Parent Compact for school year 2020-2021 has been jointly developed and distributed to the parents and students of Lake Worth Community High School. Please sign and return this portion of the page.

Principal’s Signature:                                                                             Date:


Teacher’s Signature:                                                                              Date:


Parent/Guardian’s Signature:                                                                Date:


Student’s Signature:                                                                              Date