Title I Information

Title I is the largest single program of federal aid for elementary and secondary education. Decisions on the use of Title I funds are focused on needs at the school level within general guidelines from the state and district level. The critical element of the law is accountability which requires educators to show results for their efforts rather than mere compliance with program rules.

Title I is dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for all students by helping them: succeed in the regular program; attain grade-level proficiency; improve academic achievement.

Schools which have a high percentage of children qualifying for free or reduced priced meals receive an allocation of federal dollars. This allocation is used to pay for resources to support the purpose of Title I and the goals of the school's School Improvement Plan. These funds must also be used to provide services to homeless children, children in local institutions for neglected children and to ensure that private schools receive "equitable services".

Contact Tracy Bailey, Assistant Principal, 561.533.6300

Title I Annual Meeting Requirement

This letter serves as verification that Lake Worth Community High School conducted its virtual Title I Annual Meeting on August 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM for all parents and guardians in appropriate languages for parent-friendly access in accordance with the requirements of the Parent and Family Engagement requirements in the Every Student Succeeds Act federal guidelines {Section 116 (c)(1)}.


Requisito de Reunión Anual Título 1

Esta carta sirve como verificación de que la escuela Lake Worth Community High School llevó a cabo su Reunión Anual de Título 1 el 24 de Agosto de 2021 a las 6:00 PM para todos los padres en idiomas correspondientes. La grabación de esta reunión ha sido puesta en el sitio web de la escuela bajo la pestaña “Información de Título 1” para que los padres puedan acceder fácilmente según los requisito de Participación de Padres y Familias (Parent and Family Engagement) en las guías federales del Acta Todo Estudiante Triunfa (Every Student Succeeds Act  {Section 116 (c)(1)}).

Haitian Creole

                        Kondisyon pou Reyinyon anyèl Tit I

Lèt sa a sèvi kòm verifikasyon ke Lekòl segondè kominotè Lake Worth te fè Reyinyon anyèl Tit I li a vityèl jou ki te 24 Out, 2021 an a 6:00zè nan aswè pou tout moun, tout paran ak pou tout gadyen yo nan lang apwopriye yo. Epi, gen yon anrejistreman  reyinyon an ki afiche sou sit entènèt lekòl la anba tab Tit I an pou paran-zanmitay ak tout moun ki vle gen aksè. Tousa an akò avèk egzijans Angajman Paran ak Fanmi dapre kondisyon Lwa sou reyisit chak elèv  nan direktiv federal {Seksyon 116 (c) (1)}.

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