Social and Emotional Learning Service Providers

Lake Worth Community High School
Social and Emotional Learning Service Providers
Service Provider Description of Services

Behavioral Health Professional

Ms. Christy Turnquist

Screens and filters Mental Health concerns and makes formal referral to school based service providers

Provides mental health assessment and treatment to students with for any mental health concerns

Group therapy session

Unlimited caseload and sessions

DATA- Drug Abuse Treatment Association

Mrs. Alicia Theus

Provides services for students dealing with substance abuse or at risk of substance abuse

Works alongside Mental Health Professionals when necessary

Sessions are 8-10 weeks for at risk students and 12-14 weeks for known substance abuse

Provides ATOSS -Alternative to Suspension Sessions

Minimum of 60 students per year (no max)
Co-located Mental Health Professional-
Multilingual Psychotherapy Services

Ms. Iris Santiago

Multilingual Psychotherapy Centers, Inc
Provides mental health assessment, diagnosis, intervention, treatment and recovery services to students with mental health or co-occurring substance abuse diagnoses and students at high risk of diagnoses

Supplements existing work of District mental health professionals (e.g. School Counselors, School Psychologists, School Behavioral Health Professionals, Family Counselors) and agencies with Behavioral Health Agreements

Caseload 18-22 students in a weekly basis

Up to 12 individual counseling sessions per student