LWHS Online Classes for All Students

LWHS Online Classes - For All Students
Posted on 03/20/2020

Helpful information to assist students and parents with virtual education

Virtual Plan For Students

Students will have need to log in & join Google classroom for each teacher

  • Teachers will provide lesson content and weekly assignments
  • Teachers will give two grades per week which can be monitored in SIS
  • All teachers will have daily virtual office hours for student questions and comments

  Steps for students to access Google classroom

 1.  Go to your internet browser, and type Palm Beach County Portal in the search box and click enter.

 2.  Click on Palm Beach Portal Login.  Students will be brought to the District Portal login page.

 3.  The username is s (their student number)      Example: s1234567

4.  The password is the last 4 digits of their student number, the capitizalied initials of their name and last name, and the last 2 digits of their birth year.  It is important that the initials are capital letters.

 Example: John Smith   ID#1234567    Birth year 2009     The password will be 4567JS09

 5.  Students will be brought to the main webpage of the Portal that shows various tiles.  In the search box, type Google Classroom , click on the tile.

 Google Classroom icon

6. Students will be taken to the main page of Google Classroom that shows all of the studentś teachers that have a Google Classroom setup.


7.  Click on the teacherś classroom that you want to work in.  Students will be taken to a webpage that shows the teacherś assignments and/or posts.


NOTE:  Every Palm Beach County student has a student gmail account.  Their email address is s (their student number) @ stu.palmbeachschools.org  


Example: s1234567@stu.palmbeachschools.org