Adult Education Award

Teacher Receives the ABE/GED Rock Star Award
Posted on 12/08/2019
Rock Star Shines Award
Mrs. Kapoloric, LWCHS ABE/GED® Spanish instructor recently received an award from the SDPBC Adult Education department
The ABE/GED® Team would like to award the first of many
Rock Star Shines Award to LWCHS ABE/GED® Spanish instructor, Mrs. Edita Kapaloric, for her commitment to academic achievement for the students she serves on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Mrs. Kapaloric prides herself on establishing a standard of excellence in the classroom that is undergirded by her passion for every learner to succeed. Ms. Kapaloric's use of instructional creativity shines without compromising the district adopted curricula and digital resources. Her ability to celebrate the community of learners served has made all the difference in the success of this program. Thus, it is for this reason that Mrs. Kapaloric is the ABE/GED® highlighted instructor for November 2019. Congratulations!