School Counseling Services Department

Welcome to the Counseling Services Department
of Lake Worth Community High School

School Counselors can be contacted via email or their office phone numbers listed below. 

The Voluntary Community Service Documentation Log is located below the School Counselors' listing. 

Student Last Name School Counselor Phone Number
Student Last Names A - DA Ruth Moore 561-533-6406
Student Last Names DB - HEN Cristina Retay 561-533-6428
Student Last Names HEO - MEM Dr. Annette Gilbert 561-533-6303
Student Last Names MEN - RODQ Dr. Denise Smith 561-533-6382
Student Last Names RODR - Z Margaret Salazar Gomez 561-533-6333
ESOL-Spanish Language Grades 10-12 Silvia Navas 561-533-6463
ESOL-Creole; Spanish, Other Grade 9 Sarita Pierre-Louis 561-533-6336
School Counselor Office   561-540-6128
School Counselor FAX Fax Machine 561-533-6334

Voluntary Community Service Documentation Log
and the Voluntary Community Service informational sheet are located below in the Documents Folder. The VCS log and informational sheet can be downloaded in PDF format and printed. 

Students from the Class of 2022 can submit the completed Voluntary Community Service Documentation Log using this Google form link