Guidance Department

Welcome to the School Counseling Department of Lake Worth Community High School. Our website presence will continue to become more informative. We are currently posting information that is important for the immediate future. Visit us out daily as more information is added. 

Guidance Counselor A - DA Ruth Moore 533-6406
Guidance Counselor DB - HEN Christina Retay 533-6428
Guidance Counselor HEO - MEM Dr. Annette Gilbert 533-6303
Guidance Counselor MEN - RODQ Dr. Denise Smith 533-6382
Guidance Counselor RODR - Z Margaret Salazar Gomez 493-9003
Guidance Counselor ESOL-Spanish Language Grades 10-12 Silvia Navas 533-6463
Guidance Counselor ESOL-Creole; Spanish, Other Grade 9 Sarita Pierre-Louis 493-0866
Guidance FAX FAX 533-6334
Guidance Office Ms. Rodriguez 540-6128


Students interested in Spring Dual Enrollment see your counselor today.  A 3.0 GPA. and College Ready Scores required.